Monday, July 19, 2010

The Importance of Editors

Just how important are editors to an organization? James Mathewson, Editor in Chief of, wanted to quantify the answer to the question. The answer: 30 percent. His words:

 But we can provisionally conclude that well edited pages do 30 percent better than unedited pages.

Edited Web pages had 30% better engagement (measured by clicks to the desired links) than the unedited work.

The results he got from his study were a bit surprising to the regular Joe, but not really surprising to someone who has had their work edited by a topnotch editor. When I switch hats from being an editor to a writer, I am still surprised by the errors I make in my texts, and the “obvious” improvements that other editors make to my work. When I say “obvious,” I mean the improvements that they suggest seem so simple and blatant that you wonder why you didn’t spot them yourself. Of course, that’s what editors are for.

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