Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hollywood Fails Proofreading 101

Good proofreaders and copyeditors know that names of people should also be checked. In a work of fiction, for example, they always take note of the names of the major characters and supporting characters, and make sure that these are spelled consistently all throughout. For works of nonfiction, checking the names of real-life people is even more important--nobody likes having their name misspelled.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce recently made a faux pas, according to a story in The Huffington Post:

Julia Louis-Dreyfus received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Tuesday. She was the first 'Seinfeld' actor to receive the honor.
Unfortunately, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce misspelled her name on the star, leaving out the hyphen and the O in 'Louis.'

To the chamber's credit, the glaring error was immediately rectified. According to the story, Julia thought the mistake was hilarious and wanted them to leave it. If only other people were so understanding of misspelled names . . .

(photo also taken from The Huffington Post Web site)

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  1. Good thing someone has humor about the misspelling of their name. Interesting that misspelling seems to be happening everywhere. thanks for sharing.